Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Bee Mindful. is to operate in a manner that produces products that nature intended, no additives, while also reducing our carbon footprint.  It is important to help get nature back in balance.  We are accomplishing our piece of the solution by increasing the bee population through cross breeding our colonies to reduce the demise of bees from a variety of issues.  We feel very strongly that the bees need to be saved and we readily share our knowledge with fellow beekeepers and hobbyists.  Children are our future and therefore we encourage their involvement.  Our philanthropy includes supporting Future Farmers of America, 4H clubs, and garden clubs.

In our every day operations we are cognizant about the importance of protecting our earth's resources and reducing waste. Last year we devised an efficient method to build our 450 supers with lids and bottom boards. Our waste was only two barrels of scrap wood, which we used as heat for our shop.   Equally important to us is to buy American products and as locally as possible to support our community.  Our honey is bottled in recyclable glass jars made in the United States.  All our oils contained in our soaps are certified natural and are grown in a sustainable manner. 

To further reduce landfill we encourage local customers to return with their empty honey jars or bring their own jars for refills and offer a discount as an incentive.  It is all about friends, family, and the Mother Earth.